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Personal Protection
Always use the following each time grinding, cutting or polishing of work material is undertaken.

  • Eye protection eg. safety spectacle, goggle or face shield
    Hand protection eg. leather work glove
    Ear protection eg. ear muffler
    Respiratory protection eg. dust particulate respirator or mask
    Body protection eg. work apron
    Foot protection eg. safety shoe

General Precaution
All abrasive wheels must be kept in dry and cool conditions. Excessive exposure to moisture or liquids will damage the wheels and render them dangerous during usage and virtually inoperable. Proper racks and shelves must be provided for safe storage of the wheels. All wheels must be kept flat and not upright to prevent damage on the shelves. No deliberate modification must be done to any abrasive wheel as it may cause operational failure and endanger the safety of the operator.

Machine Operation Precaution
As a general rule, all operation manuals and safety guidelines provided by each and every power tool manufacturer must be closely scrutinised and adhere to. Abrasive wheels must not be operated in environments with close proximity to combustible or explosive materials. Work material must be firmly fastened in a correct manner before grinding or cutting can commence. Check that the abrasive wheel is the appropriate wheel for the required work action. Check that the wheel speed is in line with the speed of the power tool being used. Cutting or grinding sparks must always be directed away from the operator’s body. Therefore, machine guards on portable grinders and cut-off machines must always be in place during wheel operation and must not be removed or modified. All cutting and grinding also must be done in a properly ventilated environment and dust extractors must be used when available. Make sure that each single power tool, when switched off, comes to a complete stop before putting it down or during wheel change.


Note:Specification & design subject to change without prior notice.